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Soccer is one of the most popular activities in Harvard. There is a very active youth program and adult programs. There are teams in the Men Over 30, Over 40, and Over 50 leagues that play on Sunday morning.

The youth program has more than 500 participants ranging in age from about four to nineteen. The Harvard Soccer Club, part of the Harvard Athletic Association, organizes in-town play for children in the Under-6 and Under-8 age groups. For age groups Under-10 through Under-19, the Club organizes teams which play in the
Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) and travel to neighboring towns for approximately half of their games. The Soccer Club is affiliated with MYSA (Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Most soccer games take place on Saturday, known to many folks in town as “Soccerday”.
Age groups Under-16 through Under-19 play on Sunday afternoons. In addition to a
weekend game, one or more practice sessions typically take place during the week.

The spring soccer season ranges from April to early June; the fall season from early
September to early November. Signups for the fall season usually take place in May or
June and for the spring season in October.

The web site for the Harvard Soccer Club is below: