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Capital Planning

Harvard Parks and Recreation Capital projects that have been sent to Capital Planning are:

FY 2015 - Boat Trailer Parking on Pond Road  Not Approved by Town Meeting - Provide additional parking for 5 to 6 Boat Trailers on Pond Road. With the changes in Pond Road to control storm water run off, boat trailer parking has been decreased significantly. This change will allow for additional parking of Boat Trailers and will help relieve the current congestion in the parking lot during the summer months.

FY 2016 - Replacement of Wooden Dock at Bare Hill Pond - The wooden docks that are at the Town beach and are used to access boat moorings as well as fishing piers are in need of constant maintenance. This plan would replace the wooden docks with plastic docks that would provide a longer useful life and would be easier to maintain.
FY 2016 - Expansion of Pond Trail to Elementary School - This project would extend the current path from the Library to Bare Hill Pond to the Elementary School. The benefit would be to provide a safe walking path to the beach as well as to the Farmer's market. Pedestrians would no longer have to walk on Pond Road.

FY 2016 - Restoration of World War I Monument on Town Common - This project would restore the concrete on the monument, restore the plaque, paint the flag pole and illuminate the flagpole.

FY 2016 - Baseball and Softball Field Improvements - This requests is to provide dugouts for both the baseball and softball fields as well as safety improvements such as padding for the fences at both the baseball and softball fields.

FY 2019 - Acquisition of additional Playing Fields - To continue to provide activities to the Town there is a need to provide additional recreation facilities. Additional fields can be used for lacrosse, ball playing and general recreation.

The major project that have been funded by Community Preservation is:
  • Wall restoration in front of Bromfield field
Community Preservation has approved funding for the following project depending upon Town Meeting Approval:
  • McCurdy Track Resurfacing