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Bare Hill Pond access is off of Pond Road 

Summer Hours: LifeGuard Staffing (2017) TENTATIVE

            Weekends 11 - 5 starting June 17 - August 20

             Hours during swimming lesson weeks : 9 - 5 

             Hours non-swimming lesson weeks: 11 - 5

Parking:  To park at Bare Hill Pond Beach requires a parking sticker. Parking stickers can be purchased on line here or at the Beach when staffed. Beach Parking stickers are required from April to October.

Boat Trailer Parking requires either an annual parking sticker (residents only) or a daily fee of $25.

Out of Town Residents do not have access to the Town Beach.


NEW Bare Hill Pond Rule Enforcement and Penalties

(Approved by the Board of Selectmen on 3/3/2015)

In accordance with Chapter 13-8 of the Bylaws of the Town of Harvard, the Board of Selectmen establishes the following policies for enforcement and fines for violations of the Bare Hill Pond Rules and Regulations. This policy applies to Chapter 13 of the Town’s Bylaws. It does not preclude the Chief of Police or the Harbormaster from enforcing all applicable laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the extent permitted by law.


  • First Offense in a calendar year - $50.00

  • Second and subsequent offenses in same calendar year - $100.00


  • The Harbormaster, the Chief of Police, the Massachusetts Environmental Police and the Beach Director are designated as enforcement agents under Chapter 13 of the Town of Harvard Bylaws.

  • The enforcement agent shall submit a written complaint of a violation to the Town Administrator for administration.


  • A written complaint must be submitted to the Town Administrator indicating the date of the offense, name of the offender and the nature of the offense.

  • The Town Administrator may prepare an appropriate complaint form and will keep records of all complaints.

  • The Town Administrator shall notify the subject of the complaint that he/she has thirty (30) days to present evidence in response to the written complaint and of the subject’s right to request a hearing to respond of the written complaint.

  • If within thirty (30) days, there is no response or the subject does not contest the written complaint, the fine shall be assessed and payable within five (5) working days of the thirty (30) day period.

  • If a hearing is requested, then the fine shall be assessed and payable within five (5) working days of a finding of a violation at the hearing.

  • All fines must be paid within five (5) working day period. .